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What to Bring To Class

  1. All dogs must have proof of vaccinations. No exceptions.
  2. Bring baggies. You are responsible to clean up behind your dog outside and on the premises.
  3. Bring treats, toys, and praise to every class.
  4. AGILITY classes require dogs to be physically fit, and non-aggressive towards other dogs. 
  5. Collars must be flat leather or nylon buckle collar. No training collars, please.
  6. Puppy classes require a mat for the puppy to lay down on.
  7. If weather is messy, slushy, or muddy - please bring indoor footwear.
  8. Collar and leash: We recommend a 6 foot regular leash. No extendable leashes. Flat buckle collars and harness only please.

How to Register

Call us at 780-513-4074 to register for any of our classes. Group classes require a non-refundable deposit of $50 to hold your spot.

Click the "Register Here" button to access the schedule for our Training Classes.

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Puppy Classes

Fur Baby Puppy Class
Do you have a brand new puppy but have no idea where to begin? Are you looking for something to give your puppy a head start on life? Fur Baby classes focus on socializing, handling, grooming, basic house manners, loose-leash walking, and some basic obedience training. Discover everything you need to know about life with a puppy!

Specially designed for puppies between 10 and 16 weeks old at the start of class.

Cost: $150 + GST for 6 weeks

Puppy Agility Classes

If you can't wait to get started in agility then this class is for you! Specifically designed to not stress growing joints, Puppy Agility classes get you started with learning contacts, following off-leash directions over equipment, and of course the fundamentals of agility. Puppies must have all their vaccinations up-to-date before the start of class and know basic obedience skills.

Cost: $150 + GST for 6 weeks

Basic Manners

Partner Up! Beginner Obedience Class
This course in the beginning of a well-trained dog. Training includes learning all the basics - sit, down, heel, come and stay. Learn how to start working with your dog in a fun, positive manner instead of just through force. All our classes are reward based - that means treats, toys, praise, and FUN!

Group class space is limited for a better learning environment, so please call early to register.

Cost: $200 + GST - 6 weeks (1 class/week)

Manners Class
Do you have a rowdy rebel at home? Manners Class is designed for adolescent and older dogs that need a little help with canine etiquette in the people world. If your problems include things like jumping up, barking, pulling on leash, not coming when called, and all around basic politeness - then Manners Class can help!

Cost: $200 + GST - 5 weeks (1 class/week)

Advanced Obedience

Polished Partners Intermediate Training Class
Advance the training you started in Partner Up! This class is for graduates of Partner Up! or other beginners obedience classes. We will be asking for better, faster responses, as well as learning new tricks and games to keep training fun, interesting, and challenging. This is for people looking for the next level in their companion dog training (think off-leash prep).

Cost: $150 + GST - 5 weeks (1 class/week)

Rally-O Partners
An entire class devoted to the fun sport of rally obedience. Come and enjoy working together with your dog to complete the course of obedience tasks, while maintaining the fun, relaxed time that you and your dog share at home together. This is a class preparing you for competition in the fun world of Rally-O. It's unlike any obedience you've ever seen before!

Cost: $150 + GST - 6 weeks (1 class/week)

Roving Rovers
For the summer months we do a drop-in leash walking class at our local Muskoseepi Park. We work on whatever on-leash walking skills you need help with. Each class varies depending on participants. Please give us a call at 780-513-4074 to find out when we meet next.

Cost: $10/session per dog

Specialty Classes

Agility Partners
This is a basic introduction to the sport of dog agility. Training includes all the obstacles and some basic handling. This is an on-leash course for beginner dogs who have never done agility before.

Cost: $200 + GST - 6 weeks (1 class/week)
Prerequisite: Partner Up! or another beginner obedience class

Competitive Agility
After the intros are through, this class is for partnerships wishing to advance to a more competitive or streamlined performance. This course moves to off-leash handling skills, as well as how to navigate a course, walk-throughs, and pumping your puppy up for fast, clean runs!

Cost: $150 + GST - 6 weeks (1 class/week)

Prerequisite: Agility Partners or another basic agility class.

Feisty Fidos
This class is a specialty class for dogs that do NOT get along with other dogs. This course goes through the basic handling of how to deal with a dog aggressive dog. Going through the steps of how to interrupt an aggressive encounter, to introducing dogs safely, Feisty Fidos helps owners get through that difficult period. Due to the nature of the course, basket muzzles are used throughout for safety purposes. Treats are a must for every class.

Cost: $200 + GST - 8 weeks (1 class/week)

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Would you like to have the smartest dog on the block who knows the most tricks? For owners looking to have some fun, challenging training with their dog - teaching your dog tricks will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Want to teach your partner how to fetch you a drink from the fridge? We teach that! How about cleaning up their toys? Carrying notes? Waving good-bye? Playing dead? Rolling over? The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations!

Cost: $100 + GST - 4 weeks (1 class/week)

Prerequisite: Partner Up! or a clicker-trained dog

Scent Work
This is a four week class introducing you and your dog to the joys of scent work. From games to teach searching, to learning how scent works, this is a great class in the art of scenting for you and your dog.

Cost: $100 + GST - 4 weeks (1 class/week)

Sports Classes
Not sure what sport you'd like to try? Sport Classes combine our favourite doggy activities: rally obedience, agility, tricks, flyball, and nosework. Each night is a different sport. Come and give this tester of all sports a try and see what you and your pup excel at!

Cost: $175 + GST - 5 weeks (1 class/week)

Treadmill Training
We can teach your dog how to walk on a treadmill for the cold, winter months when you can’t go outside for a walk.

Cost: $20 + GST for a half hour session

Retrieving 101
This is a four week course teaching the fundamentals of a great retrieve. These skills can be used for a basic game of fetch, moving into frisbee work, or teaching more complicated behaviors such as picking up objects.

Cost: $100 + GST - 4 weeks (1 class/week)

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